There and Back Again

When I first watched this show I knew there was I reason I hated him, and yet I couldn't put my finger on why. And yesterday by a stroke of genius I realized why; Ashley Parker Angel is a huge pussy. He is so pussy that his wife/groupie must be a lesbian.Seriously watching his show is like watching a day in the life of my vagina. Except my vagina's name is Hank, and my vagina doesn't sing annoying song like "Apology" when it doesn't do its chores.Admittedly, I still sometimes watch the show if I'm lounging around, gorging doritos and feeling American, but only because its really cool to see my vagina on tv.

and up and down and up

It's the morning and I just got through doing some workout by a lady named Denise Austin. Whew, those fitness people are hyper. She's all "SQUEEZE THOSE BUNS!!! SQUEEZE THEM, IF YOU DON'T SQUEEZE THEM NOBODY ELSE WILL!!!" Give us a break lady it's 6:00 in the morning. She goes on to say " what would happen if I were more than just your personal trainer". Pssh, the entire male population of America would probably die happy. Those fitness thingies are so sex charged. I was supposed to be doing Bodies by Gilad, but I only did it for like 10 minutes before getting tired. Isn't there something skeevy about working out with someone named Gilad?. I think that most fitness people are actually sociopaths and the only reason they don't kill people is because they release their energy through cardio. They are agressive. What's even worse is those losers who dance in the background on those mats in those spandex thingies. Wow, I mean Gilad came on and he's all now we're going to do aerobics, and they clapped. I mean come on, nooooobody claps for aerobics.Nobody, except Gilad and troupe of passive-agressive oversexed females, especially the blonde one who he's always flirting with. Heh, she got the center mat. You know who you are. Next up is carribean workout...